The zamorak robe top is a robetop that can be obtained at castewars for the cost of 70 tokens or at the pkers shop at the cost of 12000 pkp.

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The zamorak robe has no requirements to wear, so its perfect for 1 defence pures. An effect that comes along with the zamorak robes is that it has the ability to increase you lifepoints just like saradomin brew does. But with the zamorak robes it will remain stable unless the player removes the robes from their body. With a full set of zamorak robes (robetop and robebottom) the player will have 400 extra lifepoints than normal.

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Making a pure with zamorak robes can remove the use of leveling hitpoints as 1390 lifepoints is more than enough for pking. To decrease the lifepoints level the player can use alternate methods for leveling other combat levels than lifepoints. Sadly melee and ranger are fixed and there is no way to level them without leveling hitpoints. Alching (21/55 magic required) and cure me (for 40 defence pures, 71 magic required) are other ways to level magic without leveling hitpoints.

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