This page is unessacary the proper name is Pack Yak.


Take out the papers and the trash

Or you don't get no spendin' cash
File:Im a yak.jpg

If you don't scrub that kitchen floorYou ain't gonna rock and roll no more

Yakety yak(Don't talk back) Just finish cleanin' up your roomLet's see that dust fly with that broomGet all that garbage out of sight Or you don't go out Friday nightYakety yak(Don't talk back) You just put on your coat and hatAnd walk yourself to the laundromatAnd when you finish doin' thatBring in the dog and put out the catYakety yak(Don't talk back) Don't you give me no dirty looksYour father's hip, he knows what cooksJust tell your hoodlum friend outsideYou ain't got time to take a rideYakety yak(Don't talk back) Yakety yak, yakety yakYakety yak, yakety yakYakety yak, yakety yakYakety yak, yakety yak

Yak city bitch Yak Yak city bitch


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