What Is Chaotic?Edit

Chaotics are weapons that seems to be overpowered and popular to use these days.

Where can I get Chaotic weapons?Edit

You can obtain these overpowered weapons from the awesomely made and small "Token Shop" just by down the road of Varrok and Edgeville in Dungeoneering for 200,00 Tokens.

What Else Do I Have To Do To Wear This Crap?Edit

You'll need to be 80 Level Dungeoneering (Using auth tickets can decrease the time by 50%).

Other Levels You'll Need To Wear:

Chaotic Longsword and Chaotic Rapier: 80 Attack.

Chaotic Maul: 80 Attack. (Very powerful)

Chaotic Staff: 80 Magic (Great for PvP and PvM)!

Chaotic Crossbow: 80 Range (Works great with onyx bolts (e))

* WARNING: Powerful WeaponsEdit